Wraparound Care

Before and after school provision
Before & After School Provision

Our Wraparound Provision is a fantastic solution for busy parents to help keep their children active, engaged and energised before and after the school day.

We appreciate that when it comes to your children there is no ‘one size fits all’ and so we aim to offer you and your family flexibility in what hours and days you require.

Our staff will ensure your child is looked after, cared for and goes home with a smile on their face.

We believe that the hours prior to the school day, and end, are just as important as the bits in between so we aim to provide an inclusive, active and safe environment for your family members.

Generally our hours are from 7:30am until the start of the school and then from the end of the school day until 6pm. 

Throughout this time we provide a broad range of activities for the children to explore such as Sports & Active Games, as well as quieter activities like Crafts and Board Games.

Breakfast Club

Starting from 7:30am children will be offered a choice of cereal, toast or yoghurt as well as fruit and a drink.

Once they’ve eaten we’ll start an energiser activity to get them set up for the day ahead!

After School Care

Children will be offered a snack such as a bagel, english muffin, crumpets, etc along with piece of fruit or some veggies (e.g. carrot, cucumber, pepper) and a drink. We’ll then start a desk based activity before a more active game or sport afterwards.


After School Sports Clubs

Food is not provided in our after-school sports clubs – we just get straight to the action! 

They are generally an hour in length after the school day and focus on a specific sport or activity for the term.

Get Wraparound at your School

We are an Ofsted accredited, trusted provider and we are looking to partner with schools across South Buckinghamshire.

We believe in engaging and active care that is also inclusive and nurturing.



What parents think...

“Club Sport offer fantastic value and customer service. They have always been superb in dealing with all areas regarding to looking after our child. They have taught him real values and we have always received top class service. I would highly recommend them without doubt. Keep up the great work!”

Des McDonald


“My kids love it at Club Sport Camps. All the coaches are friendly and knowledgeable and deal with all the kids throw at them with good humour. I would highly reccomend Club Sport Camps to anyone who is looking to book a local sports or holiday camp.”

Katie Free