Balanceability is the UK’s first and only AfPE (association for PE) approved & accredited ‘learn to cycle’ programme for children.

Children learn to crawl before they walk and walk before they run so why expect a child to progress from riding a bike with stabilisers, to riding a bike without?

The opportunity to master key aspects of static and dynamic balance is essential.

Balanceability combines the unique ergonomic balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence, spatial awareness and dynamic balance skills which enables young children to learn to cycle without ever needing stabilisers.

We have helped over 100 children across South Buckinghamshire learn to ride a bike over the last 12 months, often in just a few sessions! Our instructors have the insight, training and experience to support your child and pick out the key elements they need to work on to take them from being nervous on their bike to riding confidently within weeks.

Learning to cycle is a key life skill for children to pick up so let us help you get them started and then enjoy watching your child develop the confidence to ride unaided.

Classes we Offer

Toddle Ride
2 to 3 year olds
Enables children to gain a positive start to learning to ride. Includes improving core strength, basic motor skills & getting on and off the bike in a fun and safe environment.
Level 1 Balanceability
3 to 10 year olds
A weekly course designed to increase confidence, safety and balancing whilst on a bike. Develops skills in gliding, braking, steering and controlling speed when on a bike.
Level 2 Balanceability
3 to 10 year olds
Follows on from the level 1 course & is for children that can use the balance bikes confidently. Will teach children to ride their pedal bike independently & without the use of stabilisers.
Learn to Ride 1 to 1
7 to 14 year olds
1 to 1 sessions ensuring all attention is on your child & supporting them in the best way possible to get them to a stage where they can ride confidently on the balance & pedal bike.

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Check out all comments below from satisfied parents who we’ve helped….

“We can’t recommend balanceability enough to anyone who’s child is struggling with the confidence to ride a bike. Josh completed stage one on a balance bike and started stage two on a pedal bike with Davie in Great Missenden and on the first session he was riding a pedal bike on his own. We are so proud and Davie is very patient and a fab teacher. It is definitely worth a try!”

Hayley House


‘Helped my nearly 8 year old learn to ride his bike in 3 hours. Excellent. Would definitely recommend.”

Abbegail Sawney


“Davie is fantastic and had the kids engaged in balanceability lessons from the start, which led nicely into the 1-2-1 sessions I booked for my kids (6 and 4).
My 6 year old needed confidence and practise but she was away on her bike in 10 minutes!! My 4 year old quickly followed on and was riding within minutes with Davie! Highly recommend using Club Sport for both the balanceability lessons and 1-2-1 sessions.”

Rakhi Mudhar


“Excellent 1-2-1 session for my 7 year old who’s previously really struggled to get to grips with riding a bike with no stabilisers. She’s now riding independently and really confidently, and wants to ride her bike everywhere! My 4 yr old did the balance bike sessions and had a great time and then took to riding a ‘big girl’s bike’ after 10 minutes with one of the coaches. Great fun and really patient and friendly coaches. Thank you!”

Sophie Rudd


“Davie is superb! He took my 10 and 6 year old for 1-2-1 sessions in half term. My 10 year old daughter who up until now has been scared and reluctant to ride was happily riding on her own in half an hour. My 6 year old took 2 sessions but well worth it. Davie is fun, patient and really gets the most out of children. Highly recommend. Thank you”

Kathryn Ferguson


“Brilliant 1-2-1 sessions helped my little girl ride her bike (finally!). Thank you. Would highly recommend.”

Jenny Witcombe


“I Booked a 1-2-1 learn to ride session today for my daughter 6yrs as she wasn’t able to ride without stabilisers and had lost confidence.
Within 10 minutes of the 1st session she was riding independently. This one 45min session has really boosted her confidence and she now wants to take her bike to the park. I’m so pleased. Thank you. I would highly recommend the 1-2-1 session.”

Katy White


“Fantastic 1-2-1 session to help with bike riding! And achieved with lots of confidence and control! Would highly recommend!”

Kathryn Gevaux


“Huge thanks to the amazing Davie Johns who got our 6 year old cycling after 2 years of pain/frustration/embarrassment etc. Literally took him an hour and a half over 2 lessons and he’s just got it! Davie has the patience of saint and my son really responded to him. We went out today and he cycled a 2 mile loop around our village – literally unbelievable only a week ago.

My younger son is now really looking forward to Davie coming back to teach him.

Can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Katherine Parker


“After struggling with transitioning to no stabilisers, Davie had my daughter riding independently in her first lesson! Patient, calm and encouraging throughout – Davie has given Lydia the confidence to ride on her own. She now looks forward to taking her bike down to the park… Thanks so much!”

Megan Jones


“After just 20 minutes with Davey my daughter had stabilisers off and was riding independently around the playground! Couldn’t recommend him enough. Thank you!!!”

Lauren Virgo


“After struggling with my 7 year old for 2 years we booked a 1-on-1 with Davie and Mia was cycling ????‍ in 10 MINUTES?!”

Rebecca Baker


“My 8 year old son has been struggling to learn to ride a bike for nearly 2 years. I got in touch with Club Sport Bucks after receiving an email. Davie was great at responding and we set up a 1:1 session thinking that we would have to book multiple sessions. In one 45 minute session my son was riding unaided around the playground.

I would highly recommend Club Sport Bucks and especially Davie. Thanks for your patience and skill. My son is over the moon that he achieved his goal.”

Shirley Gbadamosi


“My son Oscar who is 7yrs old has been struggling to ride his bike.
I arranged with Davie to coach Oscar for 1.5 hrs.
Amazing coaching and within half an hour Oscar was cycling. I am so impressed with club sports and davie is fantastic! Can’t thank you enough
A very proud mum Amanda”

Amanda Gibbens