We’ve been delivering PE & Sports Sessions within schools for 10 years.

Within that time we’ve developed and tweaked our service and offering to schools to ensure you can be confident in our delivery with a reliable service.

We utilise AfPE accredited resources ensuring that all your short, medium and long term planning is take care of and shared with you throughout the school term and year.

Our staff are all full-time sports coaches and will already work within local schools you know throughout the rest of the week.

We also have an Qualified Teacher and PE Leader that are part of our team and carry out termly observations and feedback of our staff.

Still not sure?

Why not book in a free taster morning to meet some of our team?

Playground Image
Playground Image
  • Qualified & Experienced Coaches

    Full-Time staff that you can select and work within schools delivering high quality sessions throughout the week.

    We’ve been working within schools since 2010 and as such are aware of what kind of person and coach is the right fit for a school. We recruit full-time coaches who are mature, professional and aware of what’s important to a school and it’s parents.

  • AfPE Accredited Resources and Planning

    Short, Medium & Long Term Planning that meets the requirements of your school and Ofsted.

    We utilise 2-3 schemes of work and lesson plan resources so can use the one that’s right for you. Already have your own scheme of work that you use? No problem, if you can share the resource with us and we’ll prepare ourselves and our staff to be able to deliver from it.

  • Quality Assured

    Regular observations and feedback given to coaches by a qualified teacher and PE leader provided to you twice a year.

    We understand that as a coaching company we shouldn’t be ‘marking our own work’ in terms of the quality of our coaches. We do observe them, of course, but also have a qualified teacher and PE leader who does this for you twice a year and feeds back to you on their lessons.

  • Guaranteed Cover

    We are a small but structured team and ensure we always have cover if your regular coach is ill

    Unfortunately illness is one of those things that sometimes just can’t be avoided. When it comes to PPA Cover & PE Lessons we want to take away problems rather than cause them so we’ll ALWAYS ensure that we have a coach available for PPA Cover & PE lessons.

Want to meet me and some of our team?

There’s only so much we can say here to show you what we do and how we work but we prefer to work with schools who are with us for a long term partnership.

We would love to come in and discuss with you our background, what we do, meet some of our team and even have some free sessions.

If what we do doesn’t quite fit what you are after then, no problem. We would rather get to know you and school first and if we genuinely think that now’s not the right time for us or we cannot provide you with a coach that suits your school or we don’t have you preferred timings available we would much rather wait until the right time.

Get in touch on 01494 700817 or email us here to arrange a free meeting and taster session.