Want your children to be more active at Lunchtimes?

Did you know that while children in the UK spend 25% of their school day on the playground, many lunchtime supervisors are not equipped with the skills and experience to provide suitable lunchtime activities and deal with challenging behaviour?

What are you doing to help engage all of your pupils in physical activity during lunchtime and playtime?

This practical one-day course gives your lunchtime supervisors and support staff the skills and confidence to develop sustainable activities that help children be more active during lunchtimes, resulting in improved behaviour, lower playground incidents and an improved break time experience for both pupils and staff.

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  • Delivered at your School

    Ensures that all the activities and games are suited to your school site and available equipment. It also means those staff can still carry out there regular duties on that day avoiding disruption
  • Active 30:30

    Meets the Objective of the Youth Sports Trust 30:30 initiative for schoolchilden to get at least minutes of physical activity per day as part of the governments play to tackle obesity
  • Reclaim ‘Lost’ Time

    Lunchtimes account for 20% of the school day and as such maximising them for exercise is a fantastic opportunity to engage children in physical activity and games
  • Develop Positive Play

    Keeping children involved and interested in activities reduces the typical playground issues that can occur leading to happier children & staff all the way into the afternoon

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Only have a few lunchtime supervisors? Why not partner up with another local school to split the cost?