Fun & Friendly WRAPAROUND CARE for Primary School children

7:30am until 6:00pm Wraparound
Ofsted Registered Wraparound Provision for your child's school

At All Kids Active our aim is to create a fun, friendly and engaging safe space for them before and after-school. 

As working parents ourselves we know how important it is to have flexible, reliable childcare that also engages and inspires children to be active, try new things and be themselves whilst also feeling ‘at home’.

We believe in Active bodies and Active minds hence our name – All Kids Active.

Badminton Coaching Support
Breakfast Clubs

Our Breakfast clubs generally start from 7:30am. We combine a nutritious breakfast with activities to get your child’s day started off in the right way and ready for the school day.

We’ll then escort the children to their teacher and classroom ready for the school day.

After School Care

Our after-school care is provided on your child’s school site and includes a range of fun, engaging activities. 

Children will have a choice of physical activites to get their body moving as well as calmer, quieter activities to keep their mind engaged and active. We also provide a light evening meal.

Holiday Clubs

Outside of term-time we also run Ofsted registered Holiday Clubs throughout for the days you need us. 

Activities will be similar to term-time and there’ll be the same friendly faces that your child will know and recognise from Breakfast and After-School Care throughout the weeks.

“Club Sport offer fantastic value and customer service. They have always been superb in dealing with all areas regarding to looking after our child. They have taught him real values and we have always received top class service. I would highly recommend them without doubt. Keep up the great work!”
Des McDonald
“My kids love it at Club Sport Camps. All the coaches are friendly and knowledgeable and deal with all the kids throw at them with good humour. I would highly reccomend Club Sport Camps to anyone who is looking to book a local sports or holiday camp.”
Katie Free

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Wraparound FAQ’s

We will provide a fruit based snack such as an apple, pear, orange or banana at the start of the club but if there is anything else you wish for them to have them you are welcome to provide them with a snack (Please ensure it does not contain NUTS)

Each venue has their own specific timetable. These can and will change every so often based on the interests of the children and seasons.

When children attend, they have free choice as to what they do. We will encourage children to try new activities and games to include them in scheduled activities but they are also welcome to play outside with others or take part in crafts, games, Lego activities with our children and instructors.

Each site has their own phone number which can be used to inform the onsite team about changes and amendments to pick ups and drop offs. If your enquiry is regarding bookings or back end administration please contact us in the back office directly.

If you are running late please call 01494 700817 or the onsite team member to inform them.

As we work within schools and are charged for our usage of their premises we may unfortunately have to pass on additional fees for late collection to the parents. We also have to factor in additional costs and inconveniences caused to our team members.

Please be aware that a late collection charge of £5.00 per child will be applied for each 10 minutes of lateness after 6pm.

If a child is persistently collected later than the agreed time (more than 3 times on separate occasions in one half term) for the 4:30 pm, 5:00 pm, or 5:30 pm slots, an additional charge will be incurred. The charge will be based on the next booking slot rate.

For your child’s safety, it is essential that each of our Wraparound Care settings have updated Emergency Contact information. Ensure these contacts are individuals authorised for communication in case you are unable to arrive by the close of the club.

Should a child be persistently collected later than the agreed time (more than 3 times in one-half term), S4A reserves the right to withdraw the child’s place from any supervision.

You can yes – you’ll need to secure the booking in your iPAL account and then transfer across your balance so we can mark it as paid our end.

If you are using this method please plan and book your days as far in advance as possible so we can ensure payment is received prior to the day of the club.

Please email and we’ll happily transfer your session.

Yes, you can do this within your iPal account or by sending us an email to

Unfortunately, we do not offer sibling discounts.